Mike McDonald’s Story — Climbing Mt. Everest After Knee Surgery

Colorado outdoorsman, Mike McDonald, was ice climbing in Colorado Springs to prepare for an ascent of Mt. Everest in fall 2002 when his crampon loosened, causing him to slip. McDonald tore the cartilage in his left knee. After the accident, he was in constant pain and could hardly walk, even with crutches. The mountaineer went…

Amanda Gonyea’s Story Pain-free After Spinal Fusion

Amanda Gonyea’s Story: Pain-free After Spinal Fusion

Sword fighter Amanda Gonyea spent a year seeing physicians who said that her chronic back pain was caused by excess weight. The 48-year old woman lost 150 pounds, but the pain did not go away. A friend recommended that she see Dr. Joseph Morreale at the Center for Spine and Orthopedics (CSO). “I originally saw…

Knee Surgery Enables Mother-Daughter to Get Moving Again

Knee Surgery Enables Mother-Daughter to Get Moving Again

Patricia Senn was only 13 when she had bilateral knee surgery in California. Although osteoarthritis of the knee ran in her family—her mother had double knee replacements—being a girls’ fast pitch softball player since age 5 didn’t help. After surgery, Senn returned to softball but her knees grew worse, and she was forced to quit the sport at age 18.

Recent News and Reviews From the Center for Spine and Orthopedics

It is with great pride The Center for Spinal Disorders shares that our own Dr. Christopher Isaacs was nominated, and proceeded as a semifinalist, for the Doctor of the Year award at North Suburban Medical Center! This truly is an honor for Dr. Isaacs, as nominations are made by staff members, not other physicians. Please…