Dr. Michael Janssen Speaks on Minimally–Invasive Surgery

In this featured video, the Center for Spine and Orthopedic’s Dr. Michael Janssen talks about the importance of considering minimally-invasive surgery. Another term Dr. Janssen prefers to use when referring to this type of procedure is optimally invasive surgery. He expands on the benefits of such, involving minimal overall impact while still addressing the issues that a patient is facing.

Rusty Rahm’s Story: Speedboat Racing World Champion Back on the Water Two Months After TDR

Speedboat driver Rusty Rahm and his Wake Effects Offshore Powerboat team won the 2016 Super Boat International Triple Crown of offshore racing in the Superboat Unlimited class, including the National, Florida, and World Championship, in his rookie year. Then, in November 2016, his neck began to hurt. In fact, it hurt so much that he could not sleep more than 10 to 15 minutes at night.