Steve Guthrie’s Story — Pain Relief Surgically and Non-Operatively

Steve Guthrie’s chronic neck pain began back in 2000 when a large gust of wind suddenly got hold of the camper trailer he was hauling over Vail Pass. Though he tried to regain control, Guthrie’s camper and truck swerved sideways, crossing over the highway and then rolling down an embankment. Guthrie sustained a broken rib…

Kristine Fazzi’s Story: A Compressed Disc

Kristine Fazzi’s Story: A Compressed Disc

Kristine Fazzi had almost given up. Thirty years of looking down at a computer screen had compressed the spinal discs in her neck. Her hands hurt. Her arms were going numb, and pain shot down her chest. She was facing disability. After Fazzi’s chiropractor told her that she would not be able to walk within a year unless she had surgery, she went to see Dr. Anton Zaryanov. Though she was apprehensive at first, she decided to move forward with surgery because of Dr. Zaryanov’s training and the fact she trusted him. “He always listened and never discounted my knowledge,” says Fazzi. Today, she’s back at work and feels better than she thought possible.

Rayne’s Story: A Traumatic Spine Injury

Rayne Andersen was so impressed with the results he got from spine surgery performed by Dr. Anton Zaryanov that he wrote a letter to talk show host Ellen Degeneres. “He did such a good job that I tried to tell Ellen about him,” says Andersen, who knew of the star’s back pain. “The folks at the Center for Spine and Orthopedics changed my life. Before I didn’t have a future, and now I do.”